Grid Generation for Scientific Computations

Interactive Meshing

ProMesh is a flexible cross-platform meshing software for unstructured finite element meshes of 1, 2, and 3 dimensions which features a broad range of modular tools to generate, remesh, transform, and optimize computational grids.

Thanks to its full scripting support, hardware accelerated visualization, and interactivity down to the level of individual elements, users are able to generate complex meshes that fulfill the specific requirements of their scientific applications.

Smooth Remeshing of triangular grids

ProMesh features some powerful tools to perform quality remeshing of triangular grids, both in two or three dimensions. Remeshing works both for manifold and non-manifold grids.

  • Constrained Delaunay triangulations
  • Adaptive remeshing of triangular grids towards a prescribed edge length
  • Detection and preservation of sharp features
  • Adaptive smooth subdivision
  • Various smoothing techniques

Hybrid Element Meshes

ProMesh natively supports hybrid element meshes consisting of triangles, quadrilaterals, tetrahedra, pyramids, prisms, hexahedra, and octahedra.

Using its built-in extrusion methods or tetrahedrization routines from external libraries, ProMesh allows for the easy generation of volume grids that fulfill even very specific simulation requirements.